LES COURS SONOU University is a bilingual institution which offers academic opportunities in various fields with technological approach.
Programmes offered at the University attract professional recognitions through their emphasis on close working links with industry and other professions. Our programmes emphasize the importance of a solid base of broad skills and knowledge through a carefully designed core curriculum, which was conceived with a focus on the needs and requirements of Africa and her labor market. The University’s teaching and research are innovatively based on the smart use of emerging technologies.
The University is accredited by the government of Republic of Benin, in this, all courses offered are accredited. Also, we are well recognized in west Africa (Nigeria, cote d’Ivoire, Niger, Togo and Ghana). So, international students across west Africa are guaranteed the acceptance of our certificate in their different countries.
Your visit to our website will give you the insight of what the school is all about, but there is no substitute for visiting our campus and meeting the friendly faculties and staffs who are dedicated to your success.
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Admission For Nigerians

Elukaz Delek Limited, Nigeria has been the major consultant for Les Cour Sonou University, Benin Republic. We have recruited 250+ Nigeria students for the University since 2014.

BSc Programme – 3 Years

Accounting/Accountancy | Entreprenuership & Business Creation | Marketing | Economics | Management | Mass Communication | Computer Science | Nursing | Pharmacy | Political Science


The study is the second-year analysis of chicago’s pilot teacher-evaluation system